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Fashion’s Night Out

June 25, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

As an ever-evolving fan of fashion, living in New York City has expanded my horizons in a way you typically only see portrayed in film and TV. New designers emerging like college graduates, unique and alluring boutiques in every neighborhood and inspiration in every store window. Over the years I have challenged myself to venture into stores that oozed intimidation and to explore the racks of no-name boutiques, all to surprising discoveries. The level of which you participate in the world of fashion can vary greatly, but the one thing we all have in common is the satisfaction and excitement it brings. I was so intrigued to learn about this new international program that Vogue is creating that I had to start the buzz early.

 On September 10, the first night of New York Fashion Week, Fashion’s Night Out will begin. A global celebration of fashion, US and international editions of Vogue are coordinating around the world to help reinvigorate the consumer spirit and boost the local fashion industries. An insider at Vogue explained to me that any retail venue can participate in keeping their doors open until 11pm and providing shoppers with special experiences and small indulgences like makeovers, Champagne and surprise musical performances. Already this night sounds like a treat since stores in New York City close so early and by the time you leave the office you barley have a chance to browse!

 So if you live in NYC or happen to be visiting on this special day or if you are in any one of the participating countries, be sure to check out this unique shopping occasion. In the US, Fashion’s Night out custom T-shirts are being sold where 40% of proceeds benefit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and a clothing drive will be held to accept new and gently used garments for the NYC AIDS Fund.

Fashion's Night Out t-shirt

Fashion's Night Out t-shirt

 Keep checking the Fashion’s Night Out website for participating countries, retailers and opportunities to volunteer. What a great way to kick off the fall fashion season and feel like you will be connected to people around the globe who can all appreciate the art and beauty of fashion.


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