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Rogues Gallery via Nantucket

June 29, 2009

We took our annual, kick off the summer, make it feel even longer, beach trip the first weekend in June to Nantucket, MA. If you have never been to Nantucket, you must make the effort to visit the next time you are in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or the East Cost for that matter. I don’t even know where to begin to describe this tiny island with such big personality. Seersucker, Rainbows and Nantucket Reds, hooded namesake sweatshirts, conservation bracelets, basket bags – and that’s just the fashion. There is so much more to the island than what you see on Main Street when you first deboard the ferry.

The cobblestone streets are filled with history of an old whaling industry that at the time was far from a tourist destination. It was reborn in the 1970’s as a destination for the privileged and has blossomed ever since. The population of the summer colony increases from 10,000 to 50,000 in the summer months to give you a sense of the mass exodus of people visiting from the main land. Today you can admire homes deemed national landmarks, natural and protected beaches and a unique island environment that appeals to all ages.

During this last trip, the weather was less than desirable and we spent more time shopping than intended. Among the many quirky and vintage cool shops, my favorite place for frocks was Legends. An urban chic boutique off Main Street that carries a variety of well-known and up-and-coming designers in a managable size store with interesting and friendly staff. I could have walked away with at least 4 new dresses but I restrained myself and decided to dig around in the end of season sale bin instead. There  is where I discovered Rogues Gallery.

At the bottom of the bin I found 2 pieces of decorated cotton, which appeared to be scarves. After a little experimentation in folding, I realized the perfect square shaped fabric with island cool design was exactly that and with a great sale price I grabbed both and decided to figure the rest out back at the house. Since the beginning of June is a little early for extreme heat, my new scarf came in handy for our evenings out in town.

Rogues Gallery cotton scarf

Rogues Gallery cotton scarf

I later discovered that Rogues Gallery is a men’s clothing line established in Portland, Maine, hence a bit of the rustic beach vibe. With a store on Wharf Street and an online shop, it seems from the LookBook that the style is casual cool, with an urban beach flare. I would recommend it for their artistic silkscreened t-shirts, stylish hooded sweatshirts and cable knit sweater jackets that could be worn on a windy beach day that you’re not afraid to get dirty. They are currently holding their fall/winter sale if you are looking for an introductory item from the collection like one of my cotton scarves or a cool “Portland Craft Hoodie – The original Rogues Gallery Portland Craft Hoodie refurbished with unique, custom wash and emblazoned with Rogues Gallery prints. 100% cotton. No two are exactly alike.”

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

Rogues Gallery Spring '09 Collection

For reference our 2 favorite restaurants this trip are listed below.

Black-Eyed Susan’s:

Dependable breakfast with a twist and simple, flavorful dinner in an intimate neighborhood space.

10 India Street
(508) 325-0308

Figs at 29 Fair Street at The Summer House

Feel like you’re invited to a personal dinner party.

29 Fair St
Nantucket, MA
(508) 228-7800


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