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French Ladies – Part Deux

July 7, 2009
Lady Dior

Lady Dior


French Ladies Part Deux continues the French fashion filmmaking trend with Marion Cotillard as the new face of Dior for the Lady Dior handbag. Since Chanel and Dior launched these campaigns around the same time, it was hard to imagine that one was inspired by the other, but it was just as hard to imagine that both brands came up with the exact same idea at the same time…coincidence? I guess we will never know.

The difference in the Dior campaign vs. Chanel’s for the No. 5 fragrance, is the Lady Dior films are 4 short stories in 4 cities that tell the story of the iconic handbag. The chapters are released at different times which encourages fans to keep returning to the website for the next installment. Chapter 1, The Lady Noire Affair, reminds me of an old mystery thriller where the actors speak slowly and dramatically and the use of black and white somehow makes the story even more mysterious. With Paris and the Eiffel Tower as the background, Marion plays a lady with a secret and is dressed head-to-toe in Galliano’s Dior couture, accessories and all. Viewers are drawn in to discover “What is inside her bag?”. Here too you can see the Behind The Scenes footage with photographer of the print campaign Peter Lindbergh, the interview with Marion in her native tongue and the creation of “the” bag. Marion’s hairstyle in this ad campaign is simple yet striking and I am considering it as a possible look for my upcoming wedding; I too want to look French-chic and mysterious!

Again, better viewing experince on

In any case, the execution of these cinematic campaigns by Chanel and Dior are sophisticated and inspirational and certainly leads you to be ever more curious about their brands. For someone who doesn’t wear perfume and didn’t know that bag had such a fashionable history, I definitely found myself wanting to leave a scent behind me as I walk and invest in a classic French accessory.

Check out Marion at her latest Dior fashion outing in Paris this week.

July 6, Marion Cotillard at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2009 runway show in Paris

July 6, Marion Cotillard at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2009 runway show in Paris

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