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The Original Macy’s

July 12, 2009


Macy's New York City - Herald Square

Macy's New York City - Herald Square




I avoided shopping in department stores for many years. They were large, crowded and downright overwhelming. I preferred boutiques where I could see all four walls and walk the entire store before deciding what to try on. Today, after taking a very deep breath, clearing my entire schedule for the day and bracing myself for mayham, I spent the day at the Macy’s flagship store in New York City in the middle of Herald Square. 

Now I had very distinct shopping needs, all wedding, non-clothing related, and I knew it would require some time and patience. Did I mention today was the day of the big “One Day Sale”? I will assume you understand what that implies. I managed to hit almost every floor – there are 10 in total – and I had no intention to write about this experience prior to today. I even had a fresh lunch in The Cellar at Cucina & Co. to keep my stamina going. The bite-size Ghirardelli chocolate next to the register was a key purchase!

The sole purpose of this post is to state what a surprisingly pleasant shopping experience I had today. Every salesperson I encountered was super nice, full of personality and willing to assist. They were knowledgable about their department and there were even manufacturer experts on-site to help with any and all detailed questions like mine, about the difference between stainless steel and non-stick cookware. My favorite was the English salesman from Cornwall working the luggage department. He confirmed my assessment of Tumi’s overpriced suitcases and definitely sold me on the Swiss Army Victorinox collection while telling me about his surfing obsession and the latest airline baggage restrictions. 

So I am happy to say that the 150 year-old landmark department store proved that it’s lasting power is not unwarranted and I recommend this particular store to anyone in need of a wedding registry or an inside look at the “World’s Largest Store.”  

Macy's wooden escalators

Macy's wooden escalators

While you are there, take notice of the old, well-functioning wooden escalators. One of my favorite store features.







*P.S. I cannot vouch for the shopping experience at other Macy’s locations…

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