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ABC Carpet and Home

July 26, 2009
ABC Carpet & Home-New York City

ABC Carpet & Home-New York City

In an effort to put our future home together piece by piece, we love to visit ABC Carpet and Home in Union Square/Flatiron in New York City for endless inspiration. We walk through each floor of the ABC Home store in awe wishing we were beyond wealthy to furnish and decorate our entire home in the store’s unique selection, unmatched by any home store I have ever seen. Today we made a special trip to the ABC Carpet store across the street where they house their abundent collection of rugs in every size imaginable.

We were hoping to find something for our current living room space that could one day transition into our future house. We didn’t have anything too specific in mind in terms of color or pattern, all we knew was the approximate size our small space could currently accommodate. We started our search on the basement level where all of the sale items live. Unlike most retail stores where the sale selection is small and usually disappointing, this particular sale section takes up an entire floor of the building and could take a few hours to go through to potentially find the right one. There are piles at least 3 feet tall of carpet upon carpet to flip through; Nepalese, Pakistani, traditional and contemporary, and the list goes on and on. Luckily they are stacked by size so at least there are piles you can definitely rule out.

The salesmen on the floor are friendly but ready to make you a deal and sell you a rug that day; so be prepared to bargain. The only catch with the rugs on this floor is that they are final sale, no returns, no exchanges. On the upstairs floor, with full-priced items, you have the luxury to take the carpet home, see it in your personal space and bring it back if it doesn’t fit your vision. A trip intended for a quick browse ended up lasting almost 2 hours and we still walked out empty-handed. We did find multiple carpets that peeked our interest and led us to overly ponder our buying decision, but we agreed that we weren’t ready to make a commitment to an expensive, even at a discounted price, carpet that is not returnable, knowing that we will be moving soon and it may not be an ideal size in our future residence. To give you an idea of the basement bargains you can expect, we were looking at an antique Pakistani rug, approximately 4’x6′ and originally priced at $1599. The sale tag read $799 and after an inquiry about the best deal he could give, the salesman dropped the price even further to $499. Now I admit I have no concept of how much rugs typically cost but I still felt like $500 was a big purchase to not feel 100% excited and convinced about. I have a feeling I will have major sticker shock in the future when we do decide we really need a rug in our next apartment/home!

Despite the lack of purchase, I was really into the Madeline Weinrib collection that are not your typical wools or shags. They come in beautiful bright colors and simple but eye-catching patterns like ikat, bold stripes and well-designed florals. Even the more muted tones reminded me of something perfect for a beach house, a baby’s room or  if you just wanted to create a more light environment in a room.  Turns out that Madeline is the great-granddaughter of the original ABC Carpet & Home founder!

Brown and Pink Mandala

Brown and Pink Mandala

Aubergine Ditto

Aubergine Ditto

Celery Olivia

Celery Olivia

Khacki Lupe

Khacki Lupe

There are only a few ABC locations in the country, NYC being the flagship, and only an in-person visit can really capture the essence of this amazing home destination. I would almost go as far to say that I would recommend it to any NYC tourist as a sight to see if you are looking to spark your inner creativity. While you are there, be sure to grab a meal or even just a drink at the store’s restaurant, Pipa.

Pipa - Tapas y Mas

Pipa - Tapas y Mas

This spanish-cuisine restaurant continues the look and feel of the retail store by decorating the ceiling with an abundance of chandeliers – all for sale. So be sure to look up while you eat and catch a glimpse of an amazing ceiling accessory, with price tags dangling from each one. I recommend their sangria, it’s one of my favorite things on the menu. Salud!

ABC Carpet & Home

888 & 881 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
212 473 3000
Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri 10-7, Sat 11-7, Sun: 12-6:00


1055 Bronx River Avenue
Bronx, NY 10472
718 842 8770
M-F: 10-5:30 S: 10-7, Sun: 11-6

400 Huyler Street
South Hackensack, NJ 07606
201 641 3400
M-Sat: 10-7, Closed Sundays

Delray Beach, FL
777 South Congress Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33445
M-S: 10-6, Sun: 12-5

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  1. Jenni B permalink
    July 31, 2009 1:05 pm

    Thanks for this! Will check out ABC & Pipa this weekend, both look great and we need a few apt items!

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