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Lululemon Athletica

July 30, 2009

I don’t have much to say about this yoga-inspired appareal, but a recent article in New York Magazine heightened my awareness about a brand’s cult following that I was completely unaware of. Lululemon Athletica, founded in Vancouver, manufactures workout gear for most fitness activities like yoga, dance, running, etc. You can always identify a Lululemon product on a girl when you see the “A” logo on the waistband of the shorts/pants.

Lululemon Groove Pant

Lululemon Groove Pant

I always see women at the gym sporting their latest Lululemon fashions or carrying one of the stores reusable shopping bags, but I admit I never knew they were bonafide fans. Even with 4 stores in New York City I have never been inside one of their retail stores and have never tried on a pair of their famous image-enhancing bottoms. My yoga instructor has mentioned before that she can’t believe she spends so much on their pants, but she just can’t help herself! Even after that comment I never thought twice about it.




A recent article in New York Magazine unveiled the story behind their brand and the culture that everyone has bought into. I have yet to determine if the article was positive or negative, but for now I viewed it as informational. Apparently the employees and city brand ambassadors live and breathe the Lululemon lifestyle which not surprisingly consists of good health, well-being and giving back to the community. They sponsor mass yoga classes in the city park, provide monthly challenges online to their consumers and even let their local communities decide on what charities they support that year. In essence it seems like a great company who takes fitness to heart. Check out their blog to see for yourselves or even visit your local store for some Lululemon spirit.


Now, if anyone can vouch for these pants or any other apparel item, I would love to hear your feedback. Someone please convince me that I must purchase a pair of $100 yoga pants and it will be totally worth the money!

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  1. August 26, 2009 12:07 am

    I read that article, too….and I have to say, in the past few weeks, I’ve ordered 2 pairs of their “famous” groove pants and 3 hoodies. And yes, they really do make your butt look amazing. I have no butt – despite working out, I have no booty….and these pants actually make my ass look great. I love them. I would not be afraid to wear these out of the house!

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