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Artisan Wine Shop: Beacon, NY

August 5, 2009

60 miles north of New York City in a town called Beacon, along the Hudson River, there sits a lovely wine shop in the middle of Main Street. Picture 7Artisan Wine Shop is not your run of the mill liquor store to fulfill your alcohol needs, but an inviting, well-designed and welcoming specialty wine shop with friendly owners. The shop is one of the thriving storefronts on Main Street in Beacon that adds to the artistic charm and non-urban environment of this Hudson Valley town. The owners Tim and Mei personally select and taste every wine sold in the store and specialize in small production wines from a variety of regions. This intimate business model naturally lends itself  to catering to the individual needs of their customers. Plus, they have created a retail environment that appeals to wine enthusiasts while not intimidating novice tasters.



180 Main Street

180 Main Street




The shop has more to offer then an intriguing selection of fine and organic wines and select liquor. Weekly wine tastings with food pairings adds an ever-changing ambiance to the store. The website is updated with an extensive synopsis of “The Wine of the Week” that includes the featured region, the name and history of the vineyard, the details on the chosen wine and the promotional discount per bottle and case. When you visit the store each week during the wine tasting hours, Tim and Mei will present the wine of the week talk you through the experience to help you choose what your tastebuds respond to. The back of the shop is equipped with a gourmet kitchen and the owners prepare tapas items that will be enhanced by the flavors of the featured wine. It’s almost like having your own personal connoisseur provide you with complimentary wine lessons on a weekly basis with the bonus being a discount on wines poured that day and a homemade treat.

From an interior design standpoint, I have never seen a wine shop quite like this. Authentic hardwood floors, open floor plan, gourmet kitchen and easy to navigate wine displays. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about asking Tim to co-host a private party for me! Cocktail party, wine tasting event, birthday gathering, pre-wedding soiree…it seems to be the perfect place for so many occasions, one day I’ll actually consider it for real.


Artisan Wine Shop

Artisan Wine Shop

This weekend we had some friends over for a summer afternoon gathering and I decided to make sangria for the first time. I collected a few recipes from friends, asked Mei for a red wine recommendation and mixed my own concoction keeping my fingers crossed for a successful, and delicious mixture. I can proudly say that my recipe was a big success and I even brought Mei a glass to sample, she was impressed! Try it yourself!

Quiet In The Back Sangria Red

(1) 1.5L bottle of red wine (shiraz, montepulciano, etc)

*Mei’s reco: Hunter’s Hill Reserve Selection 2006 Shiraz – Australia

(1) 750ml bottle of red wine

*Mei’s reco: Terrazzo Sangiovese 60% Montepulciano 40% Esino Rosso 2008 – Italy

1/3 cup unflavored seltzer

3 tablespoons of brandy

*I used Paul Mason Grande Amber Brandy

1/3 cup orange juice

1/2 grapefruit sliced in triangle cubes

2 small oranges thinly sliced rounds

1/2 lemon thinly sliced rounds

2 cinnamon sticks

Combine wine, brandy, orange juice, fruit and cinnamon sticks in a pot/bowl and chill overnight or for at least 6 hours (so I was told). Before serving, remove cinnamon sticks and add seltzer. It goes without saying that sangria should be served in a festive pitcher and fun glassware to enhance the presentation and tasting anticipation! FYI-the marinated fruit packs a real punch, be warned! This recipe fills 2 pitchers worth of sangria or approximately 22-24 glasses.

Check out Pier 1 Imports for festive and affordable glassware for serving. I chose the Cobalt Rim Glassware pitcher: thick-walled, handmade recycled glass from Mexico. Accompanied by my own clear glass goblets from an antique store in nearby Cold Spring, NY.


Quiet In The Back Sangria Red

Quiet In The Back Sangria Red

Artisan Wine Shop

180 Main Street

Beacon, NY 12508


Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Owners: Tim Buzinski and Mei Ying So

Gift Certificates available

Sign up for their online newsletter to stay updated on the weekly wine tastings and other special events.


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