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Custom Converse

August 26, 2009

Customization is a key way to define your individuality within your own wardrobe. A monogram on a dress shirt, luggage, or tote bag is a common way people choose to customize their accessories; the L.L. Bean Tote is a classic example! I personally prefer a monogram on a more obscure item like a bikini bottom or denim pocket, but tote bags can be fun too and remind me of Nantucket! But certain brands elevated customization to the next level buy allowing more substantial items to be color-coordinated and branded, like sneakers! 

I am almost positive the trend really began with the launch of Nike iD years back. And for athletes, hipsters and really active people I can assure it was awesome to be able to create your own soccer cleats or Air Jordans. But since New Balance are my active sneakers of choice, Nike iD was never anything I tampered with. My 21 year-old nephew on the other hand, can stare at this website and get lost in seconds! I was recently introduced to Converse’s version of customization, Converse One, and my excitement level clearly rose instantly. You could never possibly have enough Chuck Taylor All Stars and you can also create unique pairs of their other styles including Jack Purcells and One Stars.

My fiance discovered the website, I have no idea what took him so long considering he lives in Converse and PF Flyers, but when he did, he was hooked and sucked me in along with him. The process is quite simple but the options are limitless which makes moving on definitively from one section of the shoe to the next almost impossible. You simply choose the available shoe you would like to design: classics, skate, basketball, etc, high-tops or low-tops, leather, canvas or suede. Depending on your particular shoe selection, various parts of the shoe design can be colorized and eventually ID’d.

Let’s use the classic Chuck Taylor All Star high-top as an example. First you choose the material, like leather. Then the website presents you with a blank canvas and your imagination can run wild from there. Starting with the Outer Body, you are given color swatches to choose from and as you click on each color it will paint the shoe so you can begin to build the foundation.


Custom Converse step 1.

Custom Converse step 1.

Then you move on to the rest of the shoe components like the tongue, rubber sidewall, the laces and even the racing stripe! This part could take hours, I can’t even guess how many color combinations there are; it can be overwhelming to the point of being frozen with indecisiveness, but you must choose and move on! (if you have decision anxiety like I do, you can save your designs and come back to them later)

Here is an example of a “Quiet In The Back” pair of leather hi-tops I made on the fly as I was writing this post to guide you through the process. I was thinking early fall…





Outside with "QuietInTheBk" ID

Outside with "QuietInTheBk" ID

So you get the idea. As a very late and fun way to celebrate our engagement period, and to add variety to my current collection, I received my first pair of custom Chucks in the beginning of the summer to represent the time between my current name and future married name. He designed a funky pair of canvas All Star low-tops in bright summer colors and branded them with my current and future initials. I’m officially taken!



Engagement Sneakers

I have already considered ordering a pair of metallic silver sneakers to wear to my wedding after-party or maybe the wedding reception itself if I feel the need to ditch the heels! This time instead of initials, the wedding date may be a nice touch! What better souvenir, who needs a bouquet of dried flowers?!


Silver Wedding Accessory

Silver Wedding Accessory

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