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Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas

January 20, 2010

This past weekend I attended a work convention at the Red Rock Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. I have now stayed at this hotel twice, once for business and once for pleasure. Las Vegas isn’t one of my top destinations seeing that I don’t gamble, barely drink, and have Broadway in my home town. But seeing that it is a mecca of convention centers that can host large crowds, I have found myself there on multiple occassions.

The interesting thing about Red Rock is its location. Approximately 30 minutes from the airport and therefore “The Strip”, the hotel is off the beaten path and within the Red Rock Canyon. So you can imagine that the views surrounding the hotel and from the guest rooms are extraordinary and a calming environment to wake up to. Many people asked on this last trip why anyone would come to Las Vegas and stay at the Red Rock, so far from the rest of the action. I found the answer quite simple; all of the amenities of a Las Vegas hotel and casino in a more remote destination and minus the over-the-top flash and glitz of the staples like the Bellagio and Ceasar’s Palace. The hotel has a spa and fitness center, beautiful outdoor pool, various quality restaurants, a casino, a conference center, Red Rock Lanes bowling alley and a Regal Cinemas Imax theatre. Plus the hotel offers adventure spa excursions for those who crave some fresh air, outdoor activity and want to take advantage of the amazing nature steps away.

When I stayed here a few years ago, the hotel was still under going construction. We did make spa appointments for 60 minute massages and I definitely remember them being relaxing. We also spent one day on an outdoor excursion that included a hike, a visit to natural hot springs and kayaking. We crossed over into Arizona and got a close-up of the Hoover Dam. By total luck, we were the only ones that signed up for the excursion that day and we ended up with a private tour for just the two of us. It was a fantastic day and I wish I had more time to do it again this time around. On this trip I also learned a tasty coffee combination from the kayaking guide.

Red Rock Coffee:

  • Organic coffee from Trader Joe’s (or your favorite blend)
  • 1 teaspoon of organic honey

No milk, no refined sugar, simple and naturally sweet goodness.

While I was there this past weekend, I ate at the Japanese restaurant, Hachi, twice for dinner. I recommend the Lobster Tempura Roll, the LSD Roll with spicy shrimp and crab, avocado and spicy ginger mayo and the Okonomiyaki-Japanese pizza.

My company hosted an evening event at the bowling alley which is the biggest I’ve ever seen. Over 50 lanes and loads of fun if you’re taking a night off from the slots. Also, if you happen to be traveling to Las Vegas with children, which is still a mystery to me but plenty of people do it, this would be a fun activity for the family.

So all in all, if you have to travel to Vegas, or choose to visit for the first time, I would recommend the Red Rock, unless you are looking for “The Hangover” type of experience!

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