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My Life In France

January 21, 2010

It takes me forever to finish a book because I am such a slow reader and night reading puts me right to sleep. But this book took especially long due a short hiatus during the wedding activities. But I finally came back to it during the holidays and I am happy that I finally got to dive back in to a story about a fascinating life.

I don’t know much about cooking or the details of the legacy of Julia Child and I refused to see the movie Julie and Julia before finishing the book. But I do like to read about famous people and their life stories and always struggled to choose a biography from the vast amount of interesting people of the past and present. What drew me to this book was the story of an American who truly experienced life abroad, adopted a new culture and embraced a life that married domestic and international culture to develop a unique lifestyle.

My Life in France is Julia Child’s personal story of her life leading up to her cook book fame. She gives intimate details about her life with husband Paul Child and their journeys throughout Europe as Julia discovers her life calling. At many stages in my own life I have contemplated moving to Italy or Spain and just living for a few years to experience a different way of life. Perfecting a foreign language, experimenting with new foods and taking advantage of historic relics that have existed for centuries in practically every city in Europe. So Julia’s tales of befriending the local butcher, building a country home in Provence and taking road trips to neighboring towns gets my imagination flowing all over again.

Whether you like to cook or not, or like French food or not, you will certainly take away an inspiring story about a woman who discovers her passion and talent for cooking, by accident, and pours her heart and soul and life into growing that passion into an accidental success. I wish I could find my one 1 thing that I could devote that much time and effort to and not get bored, I envy her.

I enjoyed the black and white photos that appeared throughout the book that help create a clear picture of Julia’s vivid descriptions. More interestingly, the majority of the photos were taken by her husband who also boasted multiple creative talents. Seeing a creative couple thrive together made the underlying love story all the more heart-wrenching since creatives don’t always mix well.

Learning to cut a chicken with Chef Bugnard

Julia in her first Paris kitchen, "My kitchen positively gleamed with gadgets."

I finally watched the movie last night and was plesantly surprised. Meryl Streep was fantastic portraying the light-hearted and quirky personality of Julia and Amy Adams is always a pleasure. Although I didn’t read Julie and Julia,  I think they cleverly combined the two stories without any confusion or story interruption.

They look very French chic at the Premiere!

Of course I had to go look-up old footage of the real Julia to remind me what she was really like on TV. Here’s a funny side-by-side video of  Meryl playing Julia and Julia herself making her famous omelette!

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  1. January 26, 2010 3:28 pm

    Great post. I love that youtube clip of Meryl and Julia. Both women are true inspirations. I should read Julia’s book. Thanks!

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