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Blizzard Gear

February 10, 2010

If you haven’t already been blasted by mounds of snowfall from last week, then you are probably getting ready for your turn today as the next winter storm approaches. After you prepare your house with an inventory of food and according to one friend in D.C., the more important essential item, wine, and you fill your car with gas and a shovel, it is time to focus on what you will wear to shield yourself from the cold should you have to go outside to walk the dog, shovel the driveway, get the milk that you forgot the first time or just have fun with snowmen!

I have more winter gear than one person probably needs but for some reason it is always irrestible to buy more. I love hats and scarves and speciality items that you only bring out in the real cold! So even though I am not officially shopping for any more gear, maybe you need some. Here are some recommendations from the top gear vendors for the whole family – Let It Snow!!

The North Face

Women's Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket, $229

Men's Trooper Vest, $99

Girls' Nuptse Fur Boots, $65

Mountain Hardwear

Women's Mynx Capote, $260

Men's Sub Zero SL Hooded Jacket, $260

Boy's Hooded Compressor Jacket, $100


Women's Leather Pipe Mitt, $69.95

Men's Sky Beanie, $29

Girl's Lavish Bomber Jacket, $119.95

Boys Entourage Pants, $159.95

Land’s End

Women's Morgan Long Down Coat, $149.50

Kids' WindPoint Hat, $29.50


Women's Incog Hat, $30

Men's Caldera Gloves, $55

Boy's Guides Down Sweater, $100

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Cecilia permalink
    February 16, 2010 10:03 pm

    I love the Mynx capote coat. But wouldn’t the outside be better on the inside? LOL… Was interested in that coat, but it looks kind of thin on some sites. So hard to find a fashionable but very warm coat.

  2. Cecilia permalink
    February 17, 2010 12:37 am

    Oh oh…. I really need to stay off these blogs. LOL…. My husband doesn’t know yet but… I just bought the Mynx Capote in white. Read up on it, and it is VERY warm. Which is what I need these days. Brrr…..

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