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Baby Baby

April 18, 2010

In the months of April – June, I know at least 7 people expecting their first child. So it seems I have been regularly shopping for baby shower gifts for close friends and work associates. I tend to have some go to items that I always depend on for fun and unique gifts, especially when the mother has decided to keep the sex a surprise. Now I am highly aware of the wealth of baby items that exist today and I wonder if the wedding or baby industry would top the market in most individual items for sale! Since I don’t have a child myself, I haven’t delved into the intense research process for the most creative, affordable, eco-friendly, functional and stylish things just yet, but I have shopped for multiple gifts for my 5 year-old niece and tend to go a little overboard with shower gifts for close friends! So below are some fun suggestions for the mother-to-be that you know.

Silver Double Lotus Necklace

Start with a present for mom before baby arrives. Shower her with something symbolic and beautiful that she can wear during her pregnancy and after. The lotus symbolizes New Beginnings, so this double lotus necklace is the perfect dainty jewelry to remind her that she is entering into a new phase of life and that she will soon be joined by a new family member. Satya creates handmade yoga-inspired jewelry., $78

Rockabye Baby! Lullabye Renditions of The Beatles

I can only assume that hearing the melodies of colorful plastic toys can get old really fast. So you might as well be able to sing along to more soothing tunes of the classics.

Barnes & Noble, $13.29

Weleda Baby Starter Kit

With every touch you will be jealous of a baby’s pure and silky skin, so keep it feeling that way after every bath time. The calendula ingredient will appeal to a baby’s sensitive skin and protect it from any irritation.

This essential kit contains:, $13.00

The I Love NY Onesie

Whether the mother once lived in the city and then fled for more space, is jealous of you, the gift-giver, because you live in NYC or the mother herself lives in Tribeca or Midtown, you just can’t go wrong for a boy or girl. Plus maybe it will begin to instill an early love for the city., $8.99

Starter Shoes

For Boys

Elephant slip-on sneakers. Start the boy off right with simple and cool sneakers that will be his pathway to Vans and Converse., $15.00

For Girls

Cotton and Linen slip-on moccasins.

Unfortunately Minnetonka doesn’t make moccasins for infants, so these are the next best thing that is easy to find. Sometimes Payless will even have a cute version, but they tend to be more seasonal for winter., $17.00

Bath Time

DwellStudio Gio Aqua Hooded Towel.

Everyone gets the necessities like onesies, bibs and blankets. But bath time products tend to be bright and cheerful in a poorly designed and cartooney kind of way. So why not get a well-designed bath towel that still has fun animals to get baby’s attention in favorable colors and the handy hood to keep the little one warm from the chill. There are other versions that are less gender neutral as well., $43.99

Baby Room Artwork

Choose your favorite childhood movie and turn it into artwork for the baby room by framing a vintage movie poster. My personal favorite Disney movie is Peter Pan and the retro design has bright colors to liven up a baby’s room and carry through to early childhood.

Peter Pan Movie Poster, $85

You can even consider rock band posters for this too if your friend’s favorite band happens to have a cool, kid-friendly concert poster, like The Submarines., $20

Baby Bargains

This book was all the rage in my office for every pregnant woman over the last 3 years. I bought this for my friend and she said her and her husband read it cover to cover. Must be good! Note the editions are updated often so make sure to buy the latest edition available for the most up-to-date info.

7th Edition,, $14.36

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