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Clean Green Caldrea Home

August 23, 2010

After running out of a few random household cleaners I finally ordered a collection of Caldrea home cleaning products that I had been wanting to try. I was familiar with the brand but was more formally introduced at Parish Foods and Goods in Atlanta where the downstairs area of the restaurant sells an eclectic mix of gifts and other natural products. My husband was drawn to their wooden shirt folder board whereas I was attracted to the amazing scents of their cleaning products.

I became a registered member of the website and receive promotional offers like free shipping. Torn between which scents and products to choose, I opted for the below just to start with.

Sea Salt Neroli Home Fragrance
Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser
Basil Blue Sage Countertop Cleanser
Lavender Pine Laundry Dryer Sheets

Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser, $9.00

Lavender Pine Dryer Sheets, $10.00

The countertop cleansers are great for the bathroom and kitchen and I do prefer the Sea Salt Neroli scent. The Basil Blue Sage is more appropriate for a kitchen given the more herbal scent. The only thing I noticed was the dryer sheets have a more overpowering smell in the box than on the clothes but it’s only been 1 load so far so I’m willing to give it another chance!

Now is a good time to try, as they are offering free shipping on any order of $50! These items would also make a great gift for a new home and they also have gentle baby items like laundry detergent, stain remover and linen spray.

Caldrea Sweet Pea Baby Gift Set, $60

Caldrea is passionate about their earth-friendly approach and offer a long list of environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free qualities. I am newly obsessed with the smell of my kitchen each night after cooking and Caldrea’s concept of filling your home with a unified scent based on your cleaning products now makes complete sense. so simple yet so genious.

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