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The Antonio Treatment

October 18, 2010

I have officially entered the age where HGTV has programming that appeals to me. Buying a house is on the brain and decorating is a fun and expensive hobby. For a while I was selective about my shows like House Hunters and House Hunters International, sometimes My First Place and Property Virgins. Then this year I stumbled upon Design Star which I had a major love/hate relationship with but watched it consistently every week to be satisfied with Emily being declared the winner. I’m looking forward to her show, ‘Secrets of a Stylist’ next season. And then somehow one late night I stumbled upon ‘The Antonio Treatment’ by sheer accident; not knowing he was the last Design Star before Emily. This find has become my new TV obsession, after this season of Mad Men of course.

‘The Antonio Treatment’ stars former ‘Design Star’ winner Antonio Ballatore. I didn’t see that season but after watching the season finale online I can see that he was the clear winner. I look forward to his show every week to watch his intelligent, creative and purely entertaining design talent in a very non-HGTV way. Antonio was a former set designer, bar owner and musician in New York before moving to LA where his show takes place. He has the most interesting crew who are all characters on the show and suit the Antonio style to a “T”. The show revolves around real makeovers of people’s homes, retail stores, bars and other local community businesses. Antonio and the crew bring their unique touch to each job and I have yet to see a makeover I didn’t love.  The most fascinating part of the show is the artists and experts that Antonio brings into each episode. It usually goes something like this, “So I know this guy who….and I’m going to have him do XYZ for this project.” It could be a tattoo artist, car detailer, junkyard sculptor, etc etc.

You can tell that Antonio is genuinely talented and would continue doing amazing work even if he never won this show. Nothing about the series seems contrived or acted or scripted and it’s so easy to just watch and observe his creativity come to life. Just watch it once and you’ll love it. HGTV got lucky with this one.


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