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Mimi So

November 2, 2010

Mimi So Bridal

Since yesterday’s post about my recommended wedding photography seemed to be popular, I thought it only right to share another wedding related vendor with whom I had a great experience. Wedding season is brewing and men around the world are plotting and planning their proposals in time for the holidays. So if you are looking for an engagement ring or wedding bands and crave a personal, professional and high quality shopping experience than you should consider Mimi So in New York City.

Mimi So designs beautiful, unique, fashion-forward and still classic jewelry handmade in her workshop in New York. She designs pieces for celebrities and non-famous people like myself. The showroom is now located inside a building on 5th Avenue in Midtown and no longer on street level on 47th Street. In this environment you receive personal attention, privacy and a sense of calm away from pushy and sometimes shady salespeople in the Diamond District. In my experience I was able to have a ring custom made while you can also choose a Mimi So unique setting from their collection. The salespeople are very knowledgable about diamonds and luxury jewelry and I never at any point felt like I was being taken advantage of.

Mimi So Bridal

All in all, my husband and I have 3 rings from Mimi So, both of our wedding bands and an heirloom diamond reset into a new, modern setting. Whenever we learn of friends who are thinking of engagement, we always proudly recommend visiting Mimi So during their shopping period. After my husband surprised me with my engagement ring, it was my responsibility to decide what my wedding band would look like, with some insight from him of course. I had a very difficult time deciding and basically held off for as long as possible before I was forced to decide or the ring would not be ready in time. On that last day when I was looking at multiple bands over and over, Mimi actually entered the studio and came to the table to spend some time learning about my purchase decision challenge. Let’s just say that she made me very confident in my final decision and helped steer me in the right direction which made everything complete. In the end, they took three different rings and made it into one for me, a combination they had never produced before. I had to trust that it would turn out right, as I couldn’t actually see what they were going to produce until it was finished. I couldn’t be happier with the final piece.

Mimi So Bridal


My Mimi So Wedding Band: rose gold, diamonds and engraving on each side

The newest sales person on the team is Ariel, who replaced a lovely woman named Kaori who returned to Japan just recently. They are currently renovating their workshop and will return to their permanent space within the next couple of weeks.

Mimi So

550 5th Avenue


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  1. Nic. permalink
    November 3, 2010 10:33 pm

    You know how much I love Mimi So! And (I’m sure you know) my engagement ring is one of the pics in this post. So sad to hear Kaori is no longer there. She was our “go to” girl. Hmmm….wish I had a disposable income. I could really enjoy a new piece 🙂

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