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Gift Curation: Day 8 – Notebooks

December 3, 2010

Smythson of Bond Street Notebooks

The Perfect Gift for those who:

  • Love nice notebooks
  • Have short-term memory and need to write everything down
  • Use a notebook at the office and want something better than what Staples can offer
  • Keep a personal journal

‘Genius’ Pocket Notebook

This mini notebook with the fun title can be gold stamped on the cover with a name or initials. The pocket notebooks come in other fun titles that you can select to match the specific receiver; i.e. ‘Bright Ideas’, ‘I’ve Got Nothing To Wear’, ‘Make It Happen’ and ‘Scribbles and Sketches’.

'Genius' Notebook, From $52

Premier ‘Notes’ Notebook

Featuring Smythson watermarked pale blue Featherweight paper. The notebook contains 192 leaves of feint ruled lines. Apparently this Featherweight paper is half the thickness and weight of normal paper so you can hold a lot in a slim book. Smythson says that Featherweight paper is tested to ensure that it is strong and opaque enough to be used with fountain pens without bleed.

Premier 'Notes' Notebook, From $128

Premier ‘Places To Remember’ Notebook

This journal is complete with sections for ‘bars and restaurants’, ‘hotels’, ‘entertainment’, ‘museums and art’, ‘architecture’, ‘gardens’, ‘shopping’ and ‘other’ for those who want to make note of every interesting place they go and see in order to remember for next time and recommend to friends.  The front cover can be personalized with gold-blocked names or initials.

Premier 'Places To Remember' Notebook, From $140

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